So Your School is Becoming More Religiously Diverse...

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Beth Kumar
Drew Baker
Patrick Milas


Over the past decade, many Atla-member institutions have become increasingly religiously diverse. From larger actions like starting new interreligious programs or partnering with other institutions to smaller steps like changing branding and programming, many institutions have actively sought to become more ecumenical and/or interreligious and attract more students from religious traditions beyond the institutions’ particular historical traditions. Given this reality, how can librarians at these schools adapt to serve their increasingly religiously diverse students better? What do librarians whose institutions are moving in more ecumenical or interreligious directions need to consider? From collection development to reference and instruction, this panel reflected on this topic as the panelists raised important questions and provided helpful, practical advice based on their experiences at their institutions.

All three panelists are part of the World Religions Interest Group (WRIG) of Atla. More information on WRIG is at

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