Small and Thriving: A Follow-Up to “The Future of the Small Theological Library” A Follow-Up to “The Future of the Small Theological Library”

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Myka Kennedy Stephens
Elizabeth Young Miller
Susan Ebertz


Being small does not have to be a liability for theological libraries. This is the argument Myka Kennedy Stephens makes in her essay published in the April 2016 issue of Theological Librarianship. Instead, being small is something to take seriously and, in many cases, celebrate. As distance learning, hybrid pedagogy, and flipped classrooms continue to make inroads in theological education, how do we now envision the future of small theological libraries? This panel will explore and discuss habits that make theological librarians in smaller contexts successful. Staying attuned to needs, optimizing resources, and acting boldly are the habits Stephens names in her essay. This panel will discuss, expand, and share how these habits are applied in three small theological library contexts.

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