Fox @ the Fireside: Using Strategic Marketing & Outreach to Foster Authentic Scholarly Conversations in the Library Using strategic marketing & outreach to foster authentic scholarly conversations in the library

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Sarah Stevenson


This session highlights the strategic marketing, intentional outreach through liaisons, and event planning that went into developing "Fox @ the Fireside," shares about the program, and invites conversations about other opportunities that might exist for libraries to host and engage in scholarly discussions around campus. Fox @ the Fireside is an event hosted by the George Fox University librarians each semester, designed to showcase the intellectual and creative output of a campus community member or group (student, staff, faculty) and invite the university community to participate in conversation centered around a topic of campus-wide interest. Past programs have showcased art, books, and even LEGO® creations! Through this event, we have created a hospitable, inviting, inclusive space for conversation that furthers the library's mission to be a place for holistic connection, innovative creation, and authentic contribution.

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