LC Headings and Classification from September–November 2021

The new headings listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2021 list numbers 09 (September 17), 10 (October 15), and 11b (November 12).

Subject Headings

150       Afghan War, 2001---Religious aspects--Christianity CHANGE HEADING

150       Afghan War, 2001-2021--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2019000969]

150       Afghan War, 2001---Religious aspects--Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland CHANGE HEADING

150       Afghan War, 2001-2021--Religious aspects--Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland    [sp2019000970]

150       Alliances--Religious aspects    [sp2021003796]

150       Baptism    [May Subd Geog] ADD GEOG    [sp 85011718 ]

450       UF Baptismal immersion ADD FIELD

550       RT Sponsors ADD FIELD

150       Baptism--Reaffirmation of covenant    [sp 85011724 ]

550       RT Confirmation DELETE FIELD

150       Benediction    [May Subd Geog] ADD GEOG    [sp 85013121 ]

053       BV197.B5 DELETE FIELD

053       BX2048.B5 (Catholic Church) DELETE FIELD

053       BV197.B5 (Christian liturgy) ADD FIELD

550       BT Blessing and cursing ADD FIELD

110       Bhim ki Chauri (India)    [sp2021006975]

410       UF Bheem Chauri (India)

410       UF Bheem ki Chauri (India)

410       UF Bhim ka Chauri (India)

410       UF Bhim ke Chauri (India)

410       UF Bhimchauri (India)

550       BT Hindu temples--India

150       Bible plays, Czech    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021007007]

450       UF Czech Bible plays

550       BT Czech drama

150       Buddhist rock-cut temples    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021005713]

550       BT Buddhist temples

550       BT Rock-cut temples

151       Chiapas (Mexico)--History--Peasant Uprising, 1994---Religious aspects    [sp2021008125]

151       Chiapas (Mexico)--History--Peasant Uprising, 1994---Religious aspects--Catholic Church    [sp2021006863]

150       Church and the world--Catholic Church    [sp2021006982]

053       BX1795.W68

150       Church camps--Russkai͡a pravoslavnai͡a t͡serkovʹ    [sp2021008108]

150       Church membership    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85025649 ]

550       RT Confirmation DELETE FIELD

150       Confirmation    [May Subd Geog] ADD GEOG    [sp 85030947 ]

053       BV815 DELETE FIELD

053       BX (By denomination) DELETE FIELD

053       BV815 (Christianity (General)) ADD FIELD

550       RT Baptism--Reaffirmation of covenant DELETE FIELD

550       RT Church membership DELETE FIELD

550       BT Sponsors ADD FIELD

680       Here are entered general works on Christian religious confirmation. Works on the

liturgy of confirmation are entered under Confirmation (Liturgy). ADD FIELD

681       Note under Confirmation (Liturgy) ADD FIELD

150       Confirmation (Liturgy)    [sp 85030952 ]

680       Here are entered works on the liturgy of confirmation. General works on Christian

religious confirmation are entered under Confirmation. ADD FIELD

681       Note under Confirmation ADD FIELD

150       COVID-19 (Disease)--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2021005645]

150       Dice--Religious aspects    [sp2021005488]

150       Dice--Religious aspects--Buddhism    [sp2021005490]

150       Gems--Religious aspects--Buddhism    [sp2021005654]

150       Sauk Indians--Religion CHANGE HEADING

150       Sauk Indians (Algonquian)--Religion    [sp 85117718 ]

150       Shiite poetry, Turkish    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021006778]

450       UF Turkish Shiite poetry

550       BT Turkish poetry

150       Social change--Religious aspects--Church in the Province of the West Indies    [sp2021007079]

150       Sponsors    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85126856 ]

053       BV1478 ADD FIELD

550       BT Baptism DELETE FIELD

550       BT Confirmation DELETE FIELD

550       BT Persons ADD FIELD

550       RT Baptism ADD FIELD

550       RT Confirmation ADD FIELD

680       Here are entered works on persons who sponsor those being baptized or

confirmed. ADD FIELD

150       Witchcraft in motion pictures    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2021006773]

550       BT Motion pictures

150       Witchcraft on television    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2021006774]

550       BT Television

Classification Numbers

Class BF

Occult sciences

Magic (White and Black). Shamanism. Hermetics. Necromancy

Special topics, A-Z

BF1623.G47                       Gesture

Class BL

Religions. Mythology. Rationalism


Religion in relation to other subjects History and principles of religions

BL65.A762]              Arts see NX180.R4

Class BQ


Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism

Special topics (nondoctrinal) and relations to special subjects, A-Z

BQ4570.D59                       Divination

BQ4570.G46                       Gems

Class BS

The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions

Non-European languages

African languages, A-Z

BS325.N59                                       Nkoya TABLE BS5

Class BT

Doctrinal Theology


Other special, A-Z

BT180.C67                           Corporeality of God

Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. Mariology

Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc.


Other, A-Z

BT8643.L58                                  Gozo Island (Malta). Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Ta' Pinu

Class B

Christian denominations

Catholic Church

Other special topics, A-Z

[BX1795.C52]                       Church and world see BX1795.W68

BX1795.W68                             World, Church, and the

Biography and portraits


Saints, A-Z

BX4700.N45                               Newman, John Henry, Saint, 1801-1890

Other, A-Z

Newman, John Henry, Cardinal CANCEL

(BX4705.N5)                                  Newman, John Henry, Cardinal

see BX4700.N45

Other Protestant denominations

BX7017                Church of Christ in Thailand TABLE BX3

BX8080.5              Luz del Mundo

Class DS

History of Asia

Israel (Palestine). The Jews

Special topics

Jewish diaspora

By region or country

Other regions or countries, A-Z

DS135.K67                                      Korea

Including Korea (South)



Individual elements in the population, A-Z

[DS904.6.J32]                              Jews see DS135.K67

Class PC

Romance philology and languages





Special. By form or subject, A-Z

PC834.5.C48                                          Christmas

Class PR

English literature

History of English literature

By period


Renaissance and Reformation. 16th century

Special topics, A-Z

PR418.O77                                          Orpheus (Greek mythological character)

Class PS

American literature

Collections of American literature

Special classes of authors, A-Z

PS508.M87                           Muslim authors

Class Z

Subject bibliography

Theology and religion

Religions (non-Christian)

Special, A-Z

Z7835.M58                            Mithraism