LC Headings and Classification from January 2023 – May 2023 Lists

The new headings and classification numbers listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2023 list numbers 01 (January 20), 02 (February 17), 03 (March 15), and 05 (May 8).


Subject Headings

150    Absolution--Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod    [sp2022008005]

150    Authorship--Religious aspects--Neopaganism    [sp2023000128]

150    Buddhist poetry, Lao    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000039]

450    UF Lao Buddhist poetry

550    BT Lao poetry

151    Camino Invierno (Spain)    [sp2022007810]

451    UF Camino de Invierno (Spain)

451    UF Invierno Way (Spain)

451    UF Winter Way (Spain)

551    BT Camino de Santiago de Compostela

550    BT Trails--Spain

781    Spain--Camino Invierno

151    Camino Sanabrés (Spain)    [sp2022007811]

451    UF Sanabrés Way (Spain)

551    BT Camino de Santiago de Compostela

550    BT Trails--Spain

551    BT Vía de la Plata (Spain)

781    Spain--Camino Sanabrés

150    Chapels    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85022579 ]

550    BT Church architecture DELETE FIELD

550    BT Religious architecture ADD FIELD

150    Draft--Religious aspects    [sp2022007909]

150    Draft--Religious aspects--Society of Friends    [sp2022007910]

150    Enslaved Muslims    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000268]

550    BT Enslaved persons

550    BT Muslims

150    Ethnocentrism--Religious aspects--Orthodox Eastern Church    [sp2022007850]

150    Indra Jātrā    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007477]

053    BL1239.78.N35

450    UF Endayāta

450    UF Festival of Indra

450    UF Indradhvajotsava

450    UF Indrajātrā

450    UF Indramaha

450    UF Indrayātrā

450    UF Kumari Jatra

450    UF Śakramahotsava

450    UF Yeṃ yāḥ punhi

450    UF Yeṃnyaḥ

450    UF Yenyā

550    BT Fasts and feasts--Hinduism

550    BT Fasts and feasts—Nepal

150    Islamic sermons, Tajik    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000422]

450    UF Tajik Islamic sermons

150    Liturgical language--Welsh    [sp2022007903]

450    UF Liturgical Welsh

450    UF Welsh language--Liturgical use

150    Mammisis    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007992]

450    UF Birth houses (Egyptian architecture)

450    UF Houses, Birth (Egyptian architecture)

450    UF Mamisis

550    BT Architecture, Egyptian

550    BT Chapels

550    BT Temples

151    Nacoochee Indian Mound (Ga.)    [sp2022007866]

451    UF Nacoochee Mound (Ga.)

451    UF Sautee Nachoochee Indian Mound (Ga.)

551    BT Georgia--Antiquities

550    BT Mounds--Georgia

781    Georgia--Nacoochee Indian Mound

151    Northern Pilgrims’ Way (Scotland)    [sp2022007809]

550    BT Trails--Scotland

781    Scotland--Northern Pilgrims’ Way

110    Philae Temple Complex (Egypt)    [sp2022008041]

410    UF Isis Temple Complex (Egypt)

410    UF Temple Complex of Philae (Egypt)

551    BT Egypt--Antiquities

550    BT Temples--Egypt

550    BT World Heritage areas—Egypt

150    Proverbs, Guamanian    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007784]

450    UF Guamanian proverbs

150    Religious literature, Oriya CHANGE HEADING

150    Religious literature, Odia    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 86003413 ]

450    UF Odia religious literature

450    UF Religious literature, Oriya [Former heading]

550    BT Odia literature

688    Heading changed from Religious literature, Oriya to Religious literature, Odia in

May 2023.

150    Religious poetry, Oriya CHANGE HEADING

150    Religious poetry, Odia    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85112724 ]

450    UF Odia religious poetry

450    UF Religious poetry, Odia [Former heading]

550    BT Odia poetry

688    Heading changed from Religious literature, Oriya to Religious literature, Odia in

May 2023.

150    Religious poetry, Ossetic    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000114]

450    UF Ossetic religious poetry

550    BT Ossetic poetry

150    Religiousness    [sp 85112754 ]    

053    BV4509.5 DELETE FIELD

550    BT Christian life DELETE FIELD

550    BT Religious life ADD FIELD

150    Sermons, Tongan    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000132]

450    UF Tongan sermons

110    Temple of Isis (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt)    [sp2022008042]

410    UF Isis, Temple of (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt)

410    UF Isis Temple (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt))

410    UF Philae, Temple of (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt)

410    UF Philae Temple (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt)

410    UF Temple of Philae (Philae Temple Complex, Egypt)

551    BT Egypt--Antiquities

510    BT Philae Temple Complex (Egypt)

550    BT Temples--Egypt

150    Temples    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85133743 ]

550    BT Architecture DELETE FIELD

550    BT Church architecture DELETE FIELD

550    BT Religious architecture ADD FIELD

150    Transnationalism--Religious aspects--Russkai͡a pravoslavnai͡a t͡serkovʹ    [sp2022007221]

151    Tūlūl al-Baqarat Site (Iraq)    [sp2022007870]

451    UF Baqarat Site (Iraq)

551    BT Iraq--Antiquities

781    Iraq--Tūlūl al-Baqarat Site

150    Vyelipol Hasidim    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023000229]

450    UF Ḥasidut Ṿilipoli

450    UF Ṿelipoli Ḥasidim

450    UF Ṿilipoli Ḥasidim

450    UF Ṿyelipoli Ḥasidim

450    UF Ṿyelipolyer hoyf

450    UF Wielopole Hasidim

450    UF Wielopole Skrzyńskie Hasidim

550    BT Hasidim

151    Waʻer Site (Israel)    [sp2022007721]

451    UF Tel el-Waʻer Site (Israel)

451    UF Tel el-Waʻr (Israel)

451    UF Tell el-Waʻer Site (Israel)

451    UF Tel ha-shemamah Site (Israel)

451    UF Waʻr Site (Israel)

551    BT Israel--Antiquities

781    Israel--Waʻer Site

150    Welsh language--Religious aspects--Catholic Church    [sp2022007902]

Demographic/Group Terms

150    Imams (Worship leaders)    [dp2023060024]

072    occ

550    BT Clergy

680    The leaders of prayer in a mosque.

150    Maturidites    [dp2022060442]

072    rel

450    UF Maturidis

450    UF Maturidiyyah

550    BT Hanafites

150    Mormons CHANGE HEADING

150    Latter Day Saints    [dp2015060446]

072    rel

450    UF Brighamite Mormons

450    UF Church of Christ (Temple Lot) members

450    UF Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members

450    UF Church of Jesus Christ (Strangites) members

450    UF Hedrikites

450    UF Josephite Mormons

450    UF Mormons [Former heading]

450    UF Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members

450    UF Reorganized Mormons

450    UF RLDS Mormons

450    UF Strangite Mormons

450    UF Temple Lot Mormons

450    UF Utah Mormons

550    BT Christians

680    This term refers to adherents of denominations or faith traditions that stem from the church founded in western New York in 1830 by Joseph Smith originally called The Church of Christ, and after 1838 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or persons who associate themselves culturally with those traditions.

688    Heading changed from Mormons to Latter Day Saints in June 2023.

Genre/Form Terms

155    Incantations    [gp2023026019]

455    UF Charms

455    UF Enchantments

455    UF Spells

555    BT Religious materials

155    Zemirot    [gp2023026007]

455    UF Table hymns

555    BT Hymns

Classification Numbers



Modern (1450/1600- )

By religion


Special topics, A-Z

B5802.M43 Meaning


Religions. Mythology. Rationalism


History and principles of religion

European. Occidental

Classical religion and mythology

Special deities and characters of classical mythology, A-Z

BL820.P425 Pelops

Asian. Oriental

By religion


Sacred books. Sources

Tantric texts. Śaiva Āgamas. Vaiṣṇava saṃhitās

Tantric texts

Individual tantras. By title, A-Z

BL1142.6.P38-.P389 Pāśupatatantra TABLE BL3

Hindu pantheon. Deities. Mythical characters

Individual deities

Other individual deities, A-Z

BL1225.V23-.V234 Vaiṣṇavī Mātr̥kā TABLE BL7

By region or country


Special topics, A-Z

BL2211.P57 Popular culture




By period


Specific movements, sects, etc.

Hasidism. Hasidim. חסידים

By sect

Other sects, A-Z

BM198.56.V94 Vyelipol

Practical Judaism

Other special topics, A-Z

BM729.D36 Deafblind people


Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.


The practice of Islam

Islamic religious life (Descriptive works)

Sufism. Mysticism. Dervishes. صوفية

Sufi practice

Special topics

Other special topics, A-Z

BP189.65.W66 Women Sufis

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BP190.5.T43 Technology

Other beliefs and movements

Works. By movement, A-Z

BP605.F67 Fort Hill Community



Christianity in relation to special subjects, A-Z

[BR115.B572] Body, Human

see BT732-732.8, BT740-743


The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions

Non-European languages

African languages, A-Z

BS325.T895 Twi TABLE BS5

Works about the Bible

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS680.K53 Kissing

New Testament

Works about the New Testament

The teachings of Jesus

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS2417.K55 Knowledge


Doctrinal theology


Man. Doctrinal anthropology

Man in health and sickness

BT732.6 Disabilities


Jewish law. Halakhah. הלכה

Mishpat Ivri

Dinei mamonot

Obligations. Contracts and transactions

Concepts and principles of contract law

Intention. Declaration of intention


KBM862.7 Power of attorney


Literature on music

History and criticism

Vocal music

Sacred vocal music

By religion or denomination



By denomination

Other, A-Z

ML3178.A53 Anabaptists


Philology. Linguistics

Table for languages (599 nos.)


Manuals for special classes of students, A-Z

P-PZ1 120.C54 Clergy

Table for literature (48 nos.)

History and criticism


Treatment of special subjects, classes, etc., A-Z

P-PZ22 10.R36 Rāma (Hindu deity)


French literature

Literary history and criticism

History of French literature

By period


21st century

Special topics, A-Z

PQ317.H65 Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)