A Teaching Tactic is a 400 word description of a successful teaching strategy  that you have used and that could be replicated by other instructors. Teaching Tactics are presented in a consistent format, encouraging readers to quickly scan and appreciate the pedagogical insight.

Teaching Tactics are a quick and easy way to share your teaching ideas and learn from others.

We invite submissions of 400 word Teaching Tactics that follow this precise format of subheadings:

  • Context: State succinctly the context within which you use the strategy including: characteristics of your students, the institution and the course, when in the semester you use this tactic, and how long it takes.
  • Purpose: State the pedagogical purpose of the strategy.
  • Description: Describe the strategy itself in brief, clear language so that other teachers can adapt and adopt the tactic.
  • Why it is Effective: How does the tactic support student learning, including some analysis that generalizes the principles at work that make the particular strategy transferable to different contexts and subject matter.

Please be sure to label each of these steps (making the Tactic easy for the reader to scan and comprehend).

Please provide a title and your name and institutional home at the top of the Tactic.

In some cases you may want to change the order of the steps, particularly exchanging steps 2 and 3.

We are especially interested in Teaching Tactics that take advantage of the journal's open-access online platform, by linking out to resources or illustrations that will augment readers' understanding and appreciation of the teaching strategy. We may be able to provide authors assistance in serving these materials to the web.

Brevity is key. Please do not exceed 400 words.

A successful Teaching Tactic will be transferable by the reader beyond the narrowly specific context of your course, your reading assignments, and your lecture notes.

Teaching Tactics do not require an abstract.

Manuscripts are accepted on an on-going basis.


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