The Essential Department Chair: A Comprehensive Desk Reference, 2nd edition

Carolyn M. Jones Medine (Author)

Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to Be Effective Teachers

Hans Wiersma (Author)

When Getting Along Is Not Enough: Reconstructing Race in Our Lives and Relationships

Anne-Marie Ellithorpe (Author)

Teaching about Race and Racism in the College Classroom: Notes from a White Professor 

Matthew Maruggi (Author)

Teaching about Genocide: Insights and Advice from Secondary Teachers and Professors, Volume 1

Lisa J. Cleath (Author)

The Critical Media Literacy Guide: Engaging Media and Transforming Education (Online Review Copy Only)

Eric Fehr (Author)

Teachers, Teaching, and Media 

Steven C. Ibbotson (Author)

Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers

Annette Stott (Author)

The Creative Classroom: Innovative Teaching for 21st-Century Learners

Matthew D. Campbell (Author)

33 Simple Strategies for Faculty: A Week-By-Week Resource for Teaching First-Year and First-Generation Students

Andrea J. Dickens (Author)

Community Colleges as Incubators of Innovation: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Communities and Students

Nathan Womack (Author)

The Art of World Learning: Community Engagement for a Sustainable Planet

Barbara Blodgett (Author)

Exploring Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience: Case Studies of Academic Narrative

Barbara A. Fears (Author)

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Educational Technology (PDF Copy Only)

Matthew Bingley (Author)

Designing Instruction For Open Sharing

Khalaf Mohamed Abdellatif (Author)

#HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-hop Education, Volume 1: Hip-hop as Education, Philosophy, and Practice 

Matthew R. Kubacki (Author)

Out on Waters: The Religious Life and Learning of Young Catholics Beyond the Church

Susanna L. Cantu Gregory (Author)

Theology as a Way of Life: On Teaching and Learning the Christian Faith

Daniel O. Álvarez (Author)

 (Re)Considering What We Know: Learning Thresholds in Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy

Beverley McGuire (Author)

The Missing Course: Everything They Never Taught You about College Teaching

Bernadette McNary-Zak (Author)

The Productive Online and Offline Professor: A Practical Guide

Zachary Wooten (Author)

Student-Driven Learning Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom 

S. Brian Stratton (Author)

Academic Growth in Higher Education: Questions and Answers 

Rebecca L. Copeland (Author)

Teaching Religion in a Changing Public University 

Eugene V. Gallagher (Author)

Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University

Steven C. Ibbotson (Author)

The Soul of Higher Education: Contemplative Pedagogy, Research and Institutional Life for the Twenty-first Century (Advances in Workplace Spirituality: Theory, Research, and Application) 

Patricia O'Connell Killen (Author)

Degrees That Matter: Moving Higher Education to a Learning Systems Paradigm

Laura Rodgers Levens (Author)

Learning to Collaborate, Collaborating to Learn: Engaging Students in the Classroom and Online

Beverley McGuire (Author)

Building Resilience Through Contemplative Practice: A Field Manual for Helping Professionals and Volunteers, 1st Edition

Carolyn Helsel (Author)

The Department Chair Primer: What Chairs Need to Know and Do to Make a Difference, 2nd Edition

Rachel Moquin (Author)

Games and Education: Designs in and for Learning

Christina Sebastian (Author)

Gaming Innovations in Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Eric Fehr (Author)

The Handbook of Dewey’s Educational Theory and Practice 

Scott Gregory (Author)

Reclaiming Accountability in Teacher Education

Elizabeth Yomantas (Author)

Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Beyond the Individual Classroom

Courtney Pace (Author)

Inspired Learning: 50 Insights from Personal Transformative Learning Journeys

Timothy W. Rothhaar (Author)