Range from 5,000 to 7,000 words.

Articles should present an argument about the conditions or processes of teaching and learning, and demonstrate their relevance to higher education for religion or theology classrooms or institutions.

Often, successful articles will describe and analyze teaching practices that address a particular pedagogical challenge. Strong submissions of this sort provide and analyze various forms of evidence of student learning gathered from the classroom.

Successful articles place a pedagogical issue within some facet of the wider field of scholarship on teaching. A full “review of the literature” is not required. Instead, identify and cite one or more previously published essays to engage as a conversation partner to sharpen, test, and buttress your analysis. Don’t “reinvent the wheel.” Instead, “enter a conversation” and reflect on how you are furthering a conversation that is already in progress.

Successful articles display careful self-critical reflection on the various pedagogical choices a teacher has made, as well as evidence of the results.